Steve Perceval is a martial arts gym owner, Hapkido and Machado BJJ practitioner, and one the most recognizable MMA referees on the planet, having worked for the UFC and a number of other organizations.

In this wide ranging podcast, Steve discusses the pre-UFC era of the Australian martial arts scene, the growth of BJJ, and the path he’s taken to become one of mixed martial arts’ most visible referees.

He shares his run-ins with many of Australia’s notable martial arts personalities including Anthony Perosh, Elvis Sinosic, Peter Graham, Larry Papadopolous, Tony Bonello, John Wayne Parr, Mark Hunt, “Big” Jim York, Hector Lombard, Fabio Galeb, John Pedro, Kyle Noke, Robert Whittaker and more. is a podcast speaking with some of the world’s most interesting personalities. Listen, subscribe, and follow through any of these channels:


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