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This interview also appears in The Canadian Business Quarterly,

Theoren Fleury was one of the biggest hockey players on the planet during the 90’s. He was one of Calgary’s sporting superstars with the Flames at a time when the city laid claim to WWF/WWE wrestler Brett “Hitman” Hart, and Doug Flutie had just arrived to join the Calgary Stampeders before going on to ascend the NFL.

Theo has gone through a hell of a journey, rising to a new level of recognition in Canada after discussing his sexual abuse as a young player. He’s written two books including the best-selling “Playing with Fire” discussing these events, and how that led down a path of gambling and addiction. Nowadays, he uses these experiences to reach out and assist others through his Fleury Enterprises organization.

We chat his hockey career and how the game has changed, dealing with the trauma of sexual assault, healing, and the current Canadian political environment from the perspective of an staunch Albertan.

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